When to start

Am I really in a position to see a financial planner?

The common misconception is that you shouldn’t engage a financial planner until you’ve got a significant amount of money to invest – not true.

Strategic financial planning is about identifying and developing financial direction, something that can take place from a very young age.

At Montara Wealth, we work with clients who are at the very beginning of their financial journey, through to clients who are preparing for the later stages of their financial lives.

A financial planner can provide valuable advice and develop strategies to assist you with major life decisions such as:

  • Understanding how to save money
  • Changing career direction,
  • Getting on the property ladder with a home or investment property,
  • Starting a family,
  • Upgrading the family home,
  • Affording private schooling for your children,
  • Sustaining a suitable income in retirement

“People who wait for the right moment end up waiting forever”. The best time to seek financial advice is now.

Ben and Melissa

Ben, 43, and Melissa, 39, own an Inner West home which they live in with their 3 children.

They came to us for some guidance as to whether they should upgrade their home, start to build an investment portfolio or both. They were also keen to put their 3 kids through private schooling and we unsure if this would be affordable.

Andrew and Elizabeth

Andrew and Elizabeth are both 30-year-old professionals working full time.

Andrew is an Investment Manager earning $200,000 p.a and Elizabeth a Researcher earning $120,000 p.a. Although they are not married, they live together and have saved up $250,000 over the last few years.


Michelle, 25, is a Gen Y investor living in Sydney and could not see how she could ever afford to get on the property ladder.

We encouraged Michelle to take an overall look at her financial situation which included an analysis of her budget, superannuation and insurances