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Andrew and Elizabeth

Young professional couple looking to start a family and buy a home.

Andrew and Elizabeth are both 30-year-old professionals working full time.

Andrew and Elizabeth are both 30-year-old professionals working full time. Andrew is an Investment Manager earning $200,000 p.a and Elizabeth a Researcher earning $80,000 p.a, Although they are not married, they live together and have saved up $250,000 over the last few years. Whilst they were spending approx. $80,000 p.a., the couple had been hesitant to invest even though the liked the idea of purchasing a home together.

outcomes from the initial advice

  • Identified their key goals and aspirations, along with their current and projected income/expenses (assumptions took into account potentially starting a family)
  • Engaged mortgage broking partner to ascertain what would be possible from a borrowing perspective
  • Modelled out the various investment strategies that included the purchase of a $1.5m family home versus renting and building an investment portfolio, with the clients ultimately decided on a hybrid approach
  • Identified and implemented insurance and superannuation strategies to protect their financial position and reduce their superannuation fees significantly

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During our first meeting, we talk about their goals and aspirations. They wanted to explore the possibility of purchasing a family home, however they were unsure how affordable this would be if they decided to start a family and their combined incomes reduced during this period. We also discussed their thoughts on superannuation and insurances, something they wanted to explore but didn’t know where to start.

During our strategy meetings we discussed the possibility of purchasing a $1.5m home versus renting and establishing an investment portfolio with both property and shares. As part of our conversations we uncovered that the couple would like to start a family in 3-4 years’ time and ideally have 2 children. We assumed that for each child Elizabeth would take 12 months off work as maternity leave.

After reviewing various investment modelling, the clients decided that whilst all strategies were ultimately affordable their preference was for a hybrid approach of developing an investment portfolio today and purchasing their family home in 3-4 years’ time. Additionally, we also implemented a cash flow management strategy, discussed their insurance preferences, identified significant savings in their superannuation management and covered off the need to implement an estate planning strategy should anything ever happen to them in the future.

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