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John and Annie

Our clients John and Annie moved to Australia from the USA 7 years ago. They only planned to stay for 18 months and had no financial plan in place as they wanted to enjoy their overseas adventure. 6 years on, they realised how much they loved their new life in Australia and decided to stay long term and they also have a new addition to the family, an 18 month year old son!

outcomes from the initial advice

  • Helped John and Annie work out a savings strategy now that they were settling in Australia permanently
  • Map and model different cashflow scenarios when purchasing homes at different price points
  • Implement insurances, analyse superannuation and discuss estate planning

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Having not engaged a financial planner before, John and Annie found themselves in two minds.

“Coming from another country we found there were a lot of complex things to explain and unpack. The other side was the negatives I had perceived, which were more around the financial planning industry and charging big fees and potentially pushing products. Those were the two things that were top of mind for me.

From the time we set up our first meeting till now, Dave and the team have been awesome. They went in and deep dived into our goals. It was great knowing that was going to be part of the process and we can go in and talk about what we want. We really focussed on what was important to us and how we wanted to set ourselves up. As we went through the initial discovery process, it became clear to both of us that purchasing a family home would be our clear objective if it were at all possible”.

“It felt like all the options that were laid in front of us were vastly simplified and this offered us peace of mind.”


“Wanting to stay in Australia was a big part of why having a financial advisor was so important to us.”

When we originally moved here 7 years ago, we were only intending to stay for 18 months meaning there was no savings plan. We were thinking that whatever we saved in our superannuation accounts, would be our savings while we were here on this little adventure. Fast forward 6 years and we realised we needed to get on top of our finances since our long term plan had changed. That’s one of the reasons why we got involved with a financial planner.”

We talked about starting a family and worked out what that meant for us financially whilst discussing what the options for us were, it was a great experience going through that.

Since Montara Wealth are experts in their field, we were able to have them validate our thoughts and say it “actually makes sense, near term and long term” And “here’s the modelling that says that this makes sense for you to buy a property to live in versus buy an investment property versus invest in shares”.

It was important for John and Annie to be able to understand the potential impacts on their cashflow that purchasing a home at differing values would have so they could have the confidence to move forward and execute a purchase.

“The Montara Wealth team developed easy to understand modelling that allowed us to take action. It was awesome.”


Having purchased a home in America back in 2010, John and Annie had the option to sell that home and invest in Australia now they had decided to settle here. The team had mapped and modelled different scenarios for them, and after weighing up the options, they decided on the level of home they could comfortably afford and were now ready to explore their options.  

“When beginning to navigate the Australian market, it was super useful to have Dave and the team and our mortgage broker from Orium Finance. For us, it was the same kind of concept as purchasing in America, but we found that the vocabulary was totally different. Having someone that you’ve already been through the planning process with, they were able to say this is what this means, or this is how this scheme works.”

“For foreigners like us, having the Montara Wealth team made that part of purchasing a home a lot easier.”


John began a new job in sales in March, just as the coronavirus pandemic was breaking out and was unsure whether now would be the right time to press ahead with a property purchase.

“We thought about delaying our purchase, but we were just at the point where we were sick of renting and the home we owned in America was going to be able to sell for a good price so we just went ahead with it. With what we were seeing out of the property market, and prices not being impacted, we decided to continue with our plan as we knew we could afford to do this.”

Whilst this period had the potential to put financial pressure on the couple, having a financial strategy in place meant these scenarios had been mapped and modelled out and they knew they could comfortably afford to purchase as well as have a significant cash buffer in place. Because of this, Annie and John had the clarity and confidence to stick to their plan and purchase a home during the pandemic. Whilst purchasing a family home was the number one objective, the Montara Wealth team also worked with John and Annie to implement a holistic financial strategy which included reviewing their superannuation, insurance and estate planning options.

We had the unexpected bonus of having the team look at our insurances, superannuation, and estate planning, the kinds of things that you must consider as an adult.”


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