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Super, insurance, property ladder via parental guarantee.

Michelle, 25, is a Gen Y investor living in Sydney and could not see how she could ever afford to get on the property ladder.

Michelle, a young professional had limited savings for a deposit and had just changed her job but was determined to get on the property ladder. After our initial meeting we encouraged Michelle to take an overall look at her financial situation which included an analysis of her budget, superannuation and insurances.

outcomes from the initial advice

  • Michelle was able to achieve her objective of getting on the property ladder through a parental guarantee loan provided by her Father
  • Michelle was able to put in place a cash management strategy to ensure she could manage her money efficiently moving forward
  • Michelle put in place suitable insurance cover to ensure she was covered in the event of accident, injury or illness
  • Michelle switched superannuation platforms saving thousands of dollars in ongoing fees

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After reviewing Michelle’s overall position and assessing her budget and available savings, Michelle still couldn’t fund a deposit to purchase a property. This is where we looked to other avenues for this first-time investor.

We explored the possibility of her father accessing equity in his property to help provide Michelle with the deposit assistance she needed. Through the use of a parental guarantee loan, Michelle’s father was able to provide the deposit required for Michelle to purchase an investment property in Newcastle. Once the Newcastle property has sufficiently increased in value, Michelle plans to refinance the property and remove the parental guarantee from her investment property.

In addition to this, we analysed Michelle’s budget, superannuation and insurances. We were able to put in place a cash flow management strategy to better manage her day to day spending, significantly reduce her superannuation costs by switching to a more efficient platform and implement comprehensive insurance cover in the event she was unable to work.

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