Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is strategic based financial planning?

    Strategy based Financial Planning is about identifying objectives and then charting a pathway to achieving them. This process is collaborative and is based on outcomes, not selling financial products.

  • When should I seek financial advice?

    A common misconception is that you require large sums of money to invest to justify engaging a financial advisor. Strategy based financial planners develop strategies with their clients to solve those life changing decisions, not focus on how much you have to invest. A financial planner can provide valuable advice and develop strategies to assist you with major life decisions such as:

    • Understanding how to save money
    • Changing career direction,
    • Getting on the property ladder with a home or investment property,
    • Starting a family,
    • Upgrading the family home,
    • Affording private schooling for your children,
    • Sustaining a suitable income in retirement

    “People who wait for the right moment end up waiting forever”. The best time to seek financial advice is now.

  • Does my financial planner have personal experience?

    Not only do David and Kathleen collectively have in excess of 20 years advising clients, both are big advocates of practising what they preach. The strategies they deploy with their clients are strategies they have personally implemented in their own lives.

  • What will it cost to arrange an initial meeting with a Montara Wealth financial planner?

    Montara Wealth like to offer our first meeting on a complimentary and no-obligation basis, so that both parties can assess the viability of working together. We are independently owned and are costs are based on the complexity of our client’s situations and time required to deliver the advice, not the amount invested.

  • Who owns Montara Wealth?

    Montara Wealth is privately owned and has no direct associations or ties with product providers or large financial institutions.

  • Does Montara Wealth receive any undisclosed kickbacks or rebates for recommending specific products?

    Any fees or payments received by Montara Wealth will be disclosed upfront and signed off by our clients prior to their strategies being implemented. At Montara Wealth we pride ourselves on putting our clients’ interests first and developing strategies that are solely aimed at achieving our client’s objectives.

  • Can I meet with a financial planner outside traditional office hours?

    The team at Montara Wealth understand that it’s not always possible for our clients or potential clients to meet during standard office hours. Our office will do our best to accommodate our client’s needs, with some meetings held outside standard office hours. We also understand that it’s not always possible for our clients to attend appointments at our CBD office location, and in those instances we will endeavour to organise alternative arrangements.

  • Is the $200 voucher for referring a friend, colleague or family member limited to one referral?

    Montara Wealth will pay a $200 voucher for any successful referral and there is no limit on how many people can be referred

  • Where does the name Montara Wealth come from?

    Montara Wealth was inspired by the Latin words ‘montar’ which means to ‘set up or establish’ and ‘monta’ which means ‘importance and value’


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