You already know you could maximise your future wealth by living today on the minimum amount possible and investing everything else. Our clients are looking for more sophistication with their financial planning. They want to enjoy their futures and their life today. They want to reward themselves for hard work, drive a nice car and travel overseas.

It takes an expert to plan a bright future that allows for a life in the present.

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Montara goes above and beyond. They shoot straight and give honest advice, which made me very confident in working with them.


A Tailored Approach

Financial planning is personal, which is why there can never be a one-size-fits-all book, seminar or online course. Incomes are different, lifestyles are different, appetites for saving and risk are different.

When it comes to your finances, they’re as unique as your fingerprint. We take a highly personal approach to financial planning, navigating the variables and the individual factors to tailor a plan that works for you.

1. Getting
to know you

Our first meeting is about you getting to know us and us getting to you. There has to be rapport and confidence, which is why we offer this meeting absolutely free of charge and without obligation on either side.

We’ll ask you about you and your goals. You can ask us anything you like.

2. Fee proposal

Good financial planning is about minimising financial surprises, so you definitely won’t get any from us. Before we start any paid work, we’ll present you with an upfront fee proposal for your investment in financial planning.

If you’re not 100% comfortable, you’ll have invested nothing but your time.

3. First
strategy meeting

This is where we roll up our sleeves to talk about what you dream of, when you think about financial security and freedom. It’s not the same for everyone and we’re tailoring a plan for you. New home? School fees? Travel? We know how to ask the right questions to locate what’s on your horizon. Then it’s time to talk about how to get there.

4. Modelling

We’ll take what we learned from our first meeting and combine it with the information you’ve given us about your current position. At our second meeting, we’ll have prepared some financial models. They’ll show you various options to unlock the future you want, describing what those options would involve today.

Those models will include allowances for foreseeable, but presently uncertain possibilities — like having a child and paying for childcare, or other contingencies that we know to factor in.

We’ll be looking at areas like:

  • cashflow forecasts
  • tax planning
  • asset protection
  • superannuation
  • property
  • investment strategies
  • planning
  • strategies

We’re helped in this by having ready access to the expertise in our sister companies Binnari Property and Orium Finance.

5. Formal

We’ll present you with a formal statement of advice (SOA) for you to review. The SOA will set out everything we’re going to do for you towards your financial goals.

6. Complete

We’ll prepare all the necessary documents for you to sign.

7. Manage

We’ll take care of the implementation, liaising with any financial institutions and third-party service providers who need to be involved in executing your plan. You’ll be involved at every step, but we’ll do the heavy lifting to make things happen. This might include:

8.Ongoing reviews

We’re strategic financial planners, not product sellers. We’re with you for the long term to make your financial dreams a reality. We’ll keep working with you to make sure your plan is refined to reflect adjustments, whether those are in your personal circumstances, work-related or to do with macro conditions.

Our ongoing review service covers:

  • reviewing any changes in your needs or objectives
  • talking about any changes or proposed changes to your health, family or employment situations
  • revising your cashflow and updating your plan to reflect any changes
  • discussing the current economic environment
  • considering the impacts of tax on your financial strategy
  • discussing how any changes in legislation may affect your financial strategy
  • reassessing your investment strategy and investment modelling
  • rethinking your superannuation structures and strategy
  • reflecting on the suitability and competitiveness of your borrowing strategy
  • examining your insurance needs and updating accordingly
  • discussing changes to your estate planning structures and requirements
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At Montara Wealth we work with clients who are at the very beginning of their financial journey, through to clients who are preparing for the later stages of their financial lives. Contact us today via the form below for a no obligation consulation or call 02 8330 3733 to talk to one of our advisers.

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